Lucky Strike Origional (Unfiltered) – Cigarette Review

Earlier this week i picked up a pack of the hard to find Lucky Strikes. Introduced in 1871 Theses are the definition of a classic. Lucky Strikes were distributed to our troops in WWII and remains popular to this day among military members. Luckies were also the best selling brand in the 1930’s and its not hard to see why. First off the packaging is great. Just a simple classic white soft pack with the black red and grey Lucky Strike logo, the way its been for over a century. Then, there is the tobacco. The tobacco in Luckies is a classic blend of  toasted burly and viginia tobaccos. This blend gives Luckies their unique sweet and nutty flavor.

I give the flavor of Lucky Strike a ten out of ten, simply fantastic. Sweet, nutty, full flavored and very full bodied. The aroma on Luckies is also quite fantastic. They smell very woodsy with a slight hint of sweetness to the smoke. I’ll give the aroma a nine out of ten. I will give the burn quality of Lucky Strikes a seven out of ten. They burn nice and even but as with most unfiltered cigarettes they burn faster than i would like. I was very pleased with the draw on these cigarettes. Being unfiltered the draw was very free and smooth. I also don’t seem to get tobacco flakes in my mouth near as much with Luckies as i do with Camel Unfiltered. Draw gets a ten out of ten. Luckies are VERY full bodied and put of a ton of smoke, i personally love a good smokey cig so i’ll give that a ten as well. Then there is the packaging. As i stated above i think the package is great. Just good old classic American cigarettes. Nothing too fancy just simple, to the point and elegant in an odd blue collar way. I give the packaging another ten out of ten. Finally there is the nicotine content. Luckies pack a punch! Yet not in the same way as Camel Unfiltered. These give you a nice kind of background nicotine buzz. Not overpowering in any way but you will feel it for sure. Just a nice relaxing classic that taxes you back to the good ol’ days of five and dimes, beautiful cars and the Rat Pack. Overall these get a very solid nine out of ten. A fantastic classic.

Lucky Strike Unfiltered soft pack

Lucky Strike Unfiltered soft pack


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