Natural American Spirit Mellow Menthol – Cigarette Review

The Natural American Spirit Mellow Menthol is an overall pretty decent cigarette. This is the light green Spirit box. These are essentially light menthol cigarettes. Thin paper and a very perforated filter allow for plenty of air to dilute the smoke making for a very smooth, mellow smoke. The menthol on these can be a bit overwhelming. Since American Spirits never adds anything to their tobacco they instead use a natural menthol substance in the filter. The smoke and air pass through the filter bringing the strong menthol with them. The menthol in these is similar to the Camel Crush Bold cigarettes. A bit more than i would prefer. However they do still have a good tobacco taste to them (unlike the Camel Crush cigarettes). They use the same blend of tobacco that is in the standard blue pack of American Spirits.

The taste of these cigarettes is a very strong minty menthol with a background taste of American Spirit tobacco. The menthol is a little overwhelming and leaves a odd after taste so for that reason i will only give these a four out of five. Since there is no menthol added to the actual tobacco the aroma is the same as standard Spirits. A good sweet and nutty scent, eight out of ten. The burn quality is the same as all Spirits, a good smooth and long lasting even burn. The burn is a solid nine. The draw on these cigarettes is very open and smooth. However, the thin paper and the perforations dilute the smoke too much for my tastes, if you like light cigarettes then I’d say its around an eight for draw, but, this is an opinion based review and since I prefer stronger smokes I only give the draw a four out of ten. The smoke is simply too airy for me. Nicotine content is also a bit of a soar spot for me. When the smoke is diluted by air it also loses some nicotine. Though I don’t like a ton of nicotine in my smokes I do like to feel it. With these I just don’t. That being said I am not a light cigarette guy so these may be good for someone who is but I am only going to give the nicotine content a four out of ten. Pack design however i do like. The pack is light green (indicating light menthol) with the standard American Spirit design. Overall for my personal tastes I give this cigarette a five out of ten. Too light and too strong of a menthol for my tastes.

Natural American Spirit Mellow Menthol

Natural American Spirit Mellow Menthol


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