Pall Mall Unfiltered – Cigarette Review

The classic Pall Mall unfiltered cigarette is one of my favorite cigarettes so far. sweet and nutty with a very strong and flavorful woodsy note. The flavor has almost a cedar hint to it. Absolutely great! The first thing you notice when pulling the cigarette out of the pack is the length of it. Unlike most unfiltered cigarettes this one isn’t a king sized with the filtered pulled off making it very short. This is a full length king sized cigarette. This makes for a much longer smoke than standard unfiltered cigarettes and the tobacco seems to work as a natural filter making for a very smooth smoke with almost no harshness. These are a much classier cigarette than regular Pall Malls and seem to have a higher quality of tobacco in them.

Flavor wise i give these a 10 out of 10. Very full with sweet, nutty and woodsy tastes. These also smell pretty good from a smokers point of view, strong tobacco smell with a hint of cedar in it. 9 out of 10. The burn of these cigarettes is also a high point. First and foremost is the length of these cigarettes. Being longer than most unfiltered smokes these last as long as a normal cigarette giving you more time to enjoy the wonderful full flavor and full strength of a unfiltered cigarette. The burn gets a solid 10 out of 10! I also love the pack design, a standard Pall Mall red on a soft pack with the Pall Mall seal in the center. Very classy, 9 out of 10. The nicotine content on these is also great! Like all unfiltered cigarettes, when not treated with respect and enjoyed these will kick your ass! These are not  the kind of cigarettes you smoke just to get your nicotine fix. These are the kind of cigarettes you smoke when you plan to kick back and relax for ten minutes with a cup of coffee and some music. For those situations I’ll give the nicotine content a 10 out of 10. Overall these are some of the best cigarettes you can get your hands on for a decent price. So far my favorite unfiltered cigarettes! Even more flavorful than Lucky Strike, and far smoother and easier to smoke than Camels. Overall I give this cigarette a very strong 9 out of 10! Damn good!

Pall Mall Unfiltered Kings

Pall Mall Unfiltered Kings


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