Parliament Full – Cigarette Review

The Parliament Full cigarette is a great smoke. Its gotten a bad reputation as of late for being popular among the “hipster” crowd. However I tend not to really buy into classifications like that and decided to go ahead and purchase a pack regardless of the stereotypes, and I’m glad that I did. Parliament is made by the Phillip Morris Tobacco Group and therefore can be expected to be a high quality cigarette. I was not let down. They are basically a Marlboro Red at a premium cigarette price (here in Minnesota). You may ask “why don’t just buy Marb Reds?” Well, to that I would say Parliament cigarettes have something special that to me warrants the higher price. The unique feature of Parliament cigarettes is their recessed filter. The filter on Parliaments is set back about a quarter inch into the cylinder. Its a simple thing but I love the way it keeps the dirty filter off of my lips. Its not normally a problem but when I am busy with my hands or its too cold to have my hand out then I clench the cigarette in my lips. In those cases the recessed filter is great. With standard filters I tend to get a dirty ashtray taste in my mouth when I clench the cigarette. However, with Parliaments I don’t get any unwanted tastes because the recessed filter keeps the filtered out tar and chemicals away from my mouth. This feature was originally intended for WWII snipers who clenched their cigarettes and I can definitely see how these new filters would have been appreciated in that situation. I myself enjoy smoking Parliaments while out hunting. So for those who like to clench their cigarettes the recessed filter is well worth the extra 50 cents.

As for the ratings I’ll give the flavor of these cigarettes a 8 out of 10. They have a great, slightly sweet cigarette taste to them but can get a little bland toward the end of the pack. The aroma of this cigarette is also very pleasing, a solid 9 out of 10. Very sweet and woodsy aroma to the smoke. The burn quality of Parliament Full is very good. I think the paper may be a bit thinner than the paper used on Marlboro Reds because the cigarette itself is a bit lighter and the cigarette burns quite a bit faster. The cigarette burns very even which makes up for the faster burn so overall I’ll give the burn quality of this cigarette a 7 out of 10. The pack design gets a solid 9 out of 10. Very clean, very simple and very classy. Nicotine content of this cigarette is also pretty good. First thing in the morning it gives you a nice buzz. Throughout the rest of the day it give you a pretty average buzz, not overpowering but you definitely feel it. 10 out of 10, very satisfying. Overall, this is a definite buy again pack for me. I’ll give Parliament Fulls a 8 out of 10! They are a pretty decent cigarette flavor, aroma, burn, nicotine and design wise but the recessed filter for me pushes these a bit further for me. In my opinion these are great cigarettes.

Parliament Full Flavor

Parliament Full Flavor


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