Camel Turkish Royal – Cigarette Review

The Camel Turkish Royal cigarettes are one of my all time favorites. Very sweet flavor that is very unique. Everything about these cigarettes is unique. From the smoke to the design of the filter, these are special. Not a good regular smoke for me though. The sweet flavor is fantastic for mixing things up but I’ve never been able to get through a whole pack. The flavor becomes overpowering about halfway through the pack. However when Camel says they use the finest aromatic leaf in these cigarettes the are not kidding. The aroma these cigarettes give off is incredible. They give a chocolate vanilla scent that is great. The one big downside of these cigarette is the burn quality. Even if I pack them hard the cherry still falls off.

The flavor gets a 7 out of 10. I cannot even describe how much I love the flavor of these cigarettes. It would be a very solid 1o but halfway through the pack it becomes so overpowering I have to put the pack aside for a week before finishing it. So that marks it down to a 7. Aroma however is without a doubt a 10. So sweet and creamy, doesn’t even smell like a cigarette. The burn quality of Turkish Royals only gets a 4. They burn even and slow but, no matter how hard i pack them I still lose the cherry. Also, the paper burns faster than the tobacco, so the tobacco always ends up sticking out the tip of the cigarette and falling out. I love the packaging. Camel always dose a great job with their packages, 10 out of 10. The nicotine hit of these cigarettes is a little weak but not too bad. The filters are very lightly perforated and the tobacco is a pretty light tobacco. I’ll give the nicotine content a 6. Overall, Camel Turkish Royals are a great occasional cigarette.  Not an everyday smoke but as a occasional treat the get a 9 out of 10. As a daily smoke I’ll give them a 6.

Camel Turkish Royal

Camel Turkish Royal


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