Camel Wides – Cigarette Review

Camel wides are a very unique cigarette. They are the only cigarette I have came across that is wider than most cigarettes. They are an average king sized cigarette with a thicker ring gauge making for a richer, stronger smoke. The body on these cigarettes is huge! They put off a lot of smoke, just like I like it. They flavor is a bit more richer than standard Camels but still had that sweet flavor to them. Very strong, very full and a very robust cigarette. Not for a beginner to cigarettes. These are the kind of smokes where you not only feel the hit in the back of your throat but you feel it all the way to the bottom of your lungs. Beautiful in my opinion but an acquired taste for sure.

The flavor of these cigarettes is pretty good. Very rich and very full. Slightly sweet with a strong cigarette tobacco flavor. 8 out of 10. The aroma of these cigarettes is pretty smokey but not in an ashtray way. More of a woodsy bonfire smell that I love. 10 0ut of 10! The burn quality is also fantastic. I don’t know if its the thicker gauge but they burn very slow and very smooth. Perfect 10! The nicotine hit is huge on these. You get so much more smoke per draw than standard cigarettes and each cigarette has more tobacco in it than most other cigarettes so the nicotine content is pretty high. For me its an 8 out of 10. The pack design gets a solid 10 on these. Camel always dose a great job but this pack I love. A very large camel on these with WIDES written in bold across the top. Very unique. Before I get to my overall review I should tell you that these are one of my favorite cigarettes. A go to smoke when I want that Camel sweetness. These are by far my favorite smoke made by Camel. Something about the wide cigarette makes it such a unique, flavorful, strong cigarette. Fantastic! 9 out of 10 all day everyday!

Camel Wides

Camel Wides


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