Kamel Red Smooth Taste – Cigarette Review

I recently discovered the Kamel Red cigarettes made by Camel and I’m glad I did. These are made with the original tobacco blend used by Camel back in 1913. These are great! Sweet and strong. Woodsy with a sugar hint. I love these. The pack design is fantastic! Very old school and very unique. The quality was obviously very high. Burned great, tasted great and satisfied. Great cigarettes.

Flavor gets a 7 out of 10. Very good, very woodsy and very sweet. Aroma gets an 8! That sweet flavor in the smoke comes through very strong in the aroma. Burn quality is a 10 out of 10. Smooth and even, never had a problem. They are a little weak on the body being “Smooth” cigarettes. A perforated filter allowing air to dilute the smoke takes a lot away from the body, 6 out of 10. The nicotine content was also pretty weak for me. 7 out of 10. The pack design was my favorite thing about this pack. Absolutely fantastic! This pack was a work of art. Very classic turn of the century throwback design. Love it. 10 all the way!

Kamel Red Smooth Taste

Kamel Red Smooth Taste


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