Cigarette Types (Generic, Standard and Premium)

Personally I don’t buy into the Generic/Standard/Premium cigarette categories. I view it as a marketing technique. Take Phillip Morris cigarettes for an example. Marlboro is their flagship cigarette and is therefor sold as their standard $5.50 a pack (here in Minnesota) cigarette across the country. While other Phillip Morris cigarettes such as L&M and Parliament are sold as premium and generic cigarettes differently in different states. L&M here in Minnesota is sold as a generic $4.80 a pack cigarette. While next door in Wisconsin L&M is a premium $6.00 + cigarette. Then Parliament cigarettes are sold as a premium brand in Minnesota but they are a generic brand in Wisconsin.  Having smoked Parliament Fulls, L&M Reds and Marlboro Reds in my opinion they are all the same tobacco blend in different packaging. I can’t be sure why different brands are sold as premium in one state but then generic in the next but, my guess is its a marketing technique to boost sales in certain areas to keep sales even across the country. If a premium cigarette is selling low in one state then change its pricing to a generic price to boost sales. Or if a generic brand has gained a high level of regular smokers then make it a Premium priced cigarette to boost profits. Anyway, thats just my personal opinion on the topic. Whatever you choose to smoke enjoy it!