Cornell and Diehl – Crooner Pipe Tobacco

Crooner by Cornell and Diehl is a blend that i have been wanting to try since i first heard about it. I love a tobacco with a good story behind it and this has a great one. Crooner is Cornell and Diehl’s recreation of a blend originally blended for the original crooner, Bing Crosby. Being a Crosby fan myself i was very exited and had high hopes for this tobacco. I was not disappointing. Crooner is a strong blend of dark and light cube cut burlys with a healthy dose of the herb deer tongue. The deer tongue adds a very earthy, sweet almost minty vanilla flavor to the blend. Out of the jar it had the wonderful smell of the forests of norther Minnesota. This blend brings me straight to my happy place, sitting by the fire on a chilly summer night camping in the Boundary Waters.

The dark and light burlys give the blend a strong dark spicy flavor with a hint of sweetness while the deer tongue adds that extra something special that puts this blend into my regular rotation. Flavor gets a 10 out of 10, full, robust just the way i like it. Aroma gets a 6 out of ten, Crooner smells fantastic to those who enjoy a dark burly but this is not a blend to smoke in public or around any non smokers. To them this would hit them like a two by four. The burn Quality of this blend is great once you learn how to smoke a cube cut tobacco. With cubes you simply fill the pipe with tobacco, light it, tamp it, light it again and your set. Tamping this tobacco or doing the three pinch pack method will pack it too tight and it will become a constant battle to stay lit. Also, you are going to want to be careful when puffing on this blend. The nicotine content is through the roof on this one so if you puff to fast it will knock you out! I give the nicotine content a 8 out of 10. it simply has too much nicotine to get a higher rating but if smokes cool and slow it is perfect. Overall, i give this blend a 8 out of ten. However when smoked out of a Savanelli Bing’s Favorite, with a tall glass of ice tea and some Bing playing in the background….its the greatest experience a pipe can offer.