Erik Nording – Labrador Pipe Tobacco Review

Erik Nording Labrador is a hazelnut aromatic blend of ribbon cut Burley and Virginia tobaccos, as well as rough cut Black Cavendish tobaccos. This is a very light, very sweet and nutty blend. The tin note of this blend is beyond fantastic! It smells like toasted hazelnuts and caramel. This is the only cased tobacco out of the Nording Hunters Series. This is very flavorful for an aromatic. Not only dose it have the fantastic aroma of hazelnuts it actually has the flavor as well. A high quality blend that will not give you tongue bite no matter how hard you puff.

The tin description reads:

A classic blend of smooth fragrant Black Cavendish mellow Burley and sweet Virginia, enhanced with a light caramel-hazelnut note. Rich and satisfying.

Rather spot on in my opinion.

The flavor and aroma of this blend both get a solid 8 out of 10, they are both great and pleasant but could be a little more full. The room note has to be a 10 on this one. Sweet, nutty and very pleasant. The burn quality is also great. Nording blends always tend to light well and smoke down without much if any relighting. This gets a 10 out of 10! The nicotine content on this blend is a bit higher than most aromatic blends but not too strong. A nice 7 out of 10. Overall this is a very well rounded aromatic blend, not too weak, not too strong. However it could do with a bit stronger of a flavor. This blend dose tend to have the typical aromatic problem of not being as flavorful as I would like. However this is overall a great blend and I’ll give it a solid 8 out of 10!

Erik Nording Hunter Blend: Labrador

Erik Nording Hunter Blend: Labrador